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SSY  focuses on giving 5 fundamental educations to the village children. These Five fundamental educations are based on five elements and each has specific learning. Space: silence and peace,Air: touching lives,Fire: Leadership,Water: excellence,Earth: Inclusion and service.

Date: Since July 2017

Venue: SSY Aananda Kendra

Participants: Katarkhadak and Javal Village School students.

Material used: Computers, musical instruments, art material, pottery wheel, clay and furnace.

  1. Space: silence and peace

        This education makes a person joyous and peaceful.

  1. Air: touching lives

       Make lots and lots of friends. Love is given primary importance.

  1. Fire: Leadership

        Entrepreneurship and being useful wherever you are.

  1. Water: excellence

        Creating beauty and Excellence in everything you do in every area.

  1. Earth: Inclusion and service

        Including everyone and serving the last person in the world.

        This education is imparted through the methodology of Avidya and Vidya.

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