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A moment of gratitude makes a difference in one’s attitude.’ In keeping with this, the Magic Of Gratitude (MOG) is a special gift that helps create abundance in the areas of health, wealth and relationships. Highlighting the importance of forgiveness, it brings about a 180 degrees shift in various areas of life. The participants experience a sense of freedom and high energy which acts as a catalyst in manifesting their visions. The follow up through a well- organized system helps participants stay in the same energy.

Simply put, the program deals with the science of reversing  Scarcity into Abundance.

Offering of RSVK

45 villagers who are inclined towards the growth and development of their villages were taken to Surat for MOG where Manojji conducted the session in hindi. It was a great trip with great learning, togetherness and oodles of fun too!

Date:9nd April 2017

Venue: MOG Surat.

Teacher/Trainer: Manojji

Coordinators: Amol and Alok

Participants: 50

Gratitude to: Pujya Guruji , Manojji and whole Rural development team!

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