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International Yoga Day , 21st June 2017 – Shri Narendra Modi,  our honored Prime Minister has declared this day as International Yoga Day, as it is  an equinox, ie, the day and night are of  equal duration and exactly  are of exactly 12 hours each. Yoga as we all know is very beneficial to one and all. 

We, at Katarkhadak, enjoyed creating awareness and celebrating this day on such a large scale. We are blessed to be associated with INO (International Naturopathy Organization) and Mrs. Renuka Vyas, the secretary of INO. We also had three Naturopathspecialists along with Mrs. Renuka Vyas – Dr Bharti Rathod (Gynecology), Mrs. Kalpana Tiwari  (Self-healing and massages) and Mrs. Pooja Mankar (detox and trainer  in self-massage by towel twisting).  We had total nine activities as of now, all full of practical tips and simple yet effective knowledge! 

Date: 21 June 17

Venue: Katarkhadak , Taluka Mulshi

Partners: INO

Coordinators: Bindu and Renuka

Participants: Mulshi residents

Material used: Naturopathy accessories, Speakers and mikes

Gratitude to: PujyaGuruji , Manojji and whole Rural development team!

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