‘Each time we get closer to the heart of a common man, we get closer to the soul of our vision.’Our visit to Shindoli village was an extension of this very gesture. Shindoli, the last village in the Pune district, is a beautiful village surrounded by water bodies on 3 sides with only one road connecting it to other villages.

We at RSVK believe that there’s only one road that connects us to others and that’s of compassion and love. Ashok, an aeronautical engineer who has adopted 21 children of the school and dedicated his entire life for the welfare of the village took us around to meet the village folk.We had the opportunity to interact with the school children who greeted us with flowers and songs. We distributed slippers, pencil pouches and sweaters to 153 students of the school. Manojji’s friends collected donation with which we donated 3 computer tables and 6 chairs to the school.

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